Everything is Fine (Digital Download)




160 kbps zipped MP3s. Available for 30 days after purchase.

1. Poor Me
2. Face Down in a Ditch
3. Trial & Error
4. Mainland
5. NY/LA Racket (Stop it)
6. Two Roads
7. I Do
8. Rabbit
9. So Smart


Credits- An English Place: Will Raines, Cayce Means, Amanda Morelli | Writing: An English Place | Additional Strings: Katherine Wilson | Horns: Phillip Raines, Julia Block, Victoria Langford | Production and Mixing: Cayce Means, Will Raines | Tracking: Chris Baglivo of BigMamas House, Dave Hollinghurst of Sunset 7 Studios, Donal Jones | Art: Taylor Means | Mastering: Dave Eck of Lucky Lacquers | Copyright 2017 An English Place


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